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I have worked in the knitting industry for the past 15 years. When I was a child, my grandma used to knit and enjoy spending time with them on an easy chair in the winter to keep them warm and occupied. Now that I work in the modern knitting & Fashion industry, I see the same fascination in my 4-year-old daughter’s eyes when seeing me working.

Step Back in Time with Our Collection of Vintage Knitting Patterns


Knitting is an art form that has been around for centuries, and vintage knitting patterns hold a special place in the hearts of many knitters. These patterns are a beautiful reminder of the past and the skills and techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. In this article, we will explore the world of vintage knitting patterns, from their historical origins to their benefits and how to choose and knit with them.

Historical Overview of Vintage Knitting Patterns:

Vintage knitting patterns have been around since the late 1800s when knitting became a popular pastime for women. These patterns were initially created to provide women with the opportunity to make fashionable and practical garments for themselves and their families. Over time, vintage knitting patterns evolved to reflect the changing styles and trends of the times, and today they offer a unique window into the past.

Some popular vintage knitting patterns include the Fair Isle pattern, the Aran sweater pattern, and the classic cardigan pattern. Each of these patterns has a rich history and is still popular among knitters today.

Benefits of Vintage Knitting Patterns:

There are many benefits to using vintage knitting patterns. One of the most significant advantages is that they offer unique designs that cannot be found in modern patterns. Vintage patterns often have intricate details and textures that are not commonly found in modern patterns, making them a great choice for knitters who are looking for something different.

Another benefit of using vintage knitting patterns is that they can be cost-effective. Vintage patterns can often be found in thrift stores or online for a fraction of the cost of modern patterns. Additionally, vintage patterns are often more sustainable and environment-friendly since they promote the reuse of existing materials.

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How to Choose Vintage Knitting Patterns:

When choosing vintage knitting patterns, there are several things to keep in mind. Firstly, you should determine your skill level and select patterns that match your ability. Secondly, you should select the right yarn for the pattern. Finally, you should choose patterns that suit your style and the type of garment you want to create.

Tips for Knitting with Vintage Patterns:

Knitting with vintage patterns can be challenging, but there are several things you can do to make the process easier. Firstly, you should read the pattern thoroughly before starting and ensure that you understand all the instructions. Secondly, you should check for any updates to the pattern that may have been made over time. Thirdly, you should use proper knitting techniques, as some vintage patterns may use different techniques than modern patterns.

Where to Find Vintage Knitting Patterns:

Vintage knitting patterns can be found in several places. Online resources such as Ravelry, Etsy, and eBay offer a wide selection of vintage patterns. Local thrift stores and second-hand shops can also be a treasure trove for vintage patterns. Additionally, family heirlooms such as old knitting magazines or pattern books may have hidden gems waiting to be discovered.


In conclusion, vintage knitting patterns offer a unique glimpse into the past while still offering practical and fashionable designs. Knitting with vintage patterns can be a rewarding experience for knitters of all skill levels, and with the right techniques and resources, anyone can create beautiful garments and accessories that stand the test of time.

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Can I sell items made from vintage knitting patterns?

Yes, you can sell items made from vintage knitting patterns, as long as the pattern is in the public domain or you have permission from the copyright holder.

Are vintage knitting patterns suitable for beginners?

It depends on the pattern and the knitter’s skill level. Some vintage patterns may be more challenging than modern patterns, so it’s essential to choose patterns that match your ability.

How do I adjust vintage knitting patterns for modern sizes?

You can adjust vintage knitting patterns for modern sizes by using a gauge swatch to determine the number of stitches and rows per inch, then adjusting the pattern accordingly.

What kind of yarn should I use for vintage knitting patterns?

The type of yarn to use for vintage knitting patterns will depend on the pattern’s specifications. It’s essential to choose a yarn that matches the gauge and weight specified in the pattern.

Can I mix and match vintage knitting patterns?

Yes, you can mix and match vintage knitting patterns to create unique designs. However, it’s essential to ensure that the patterns match in terms of gauge and weight to ensure that the final product fits properly.

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