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I have worked in the knitting industry for the past 15 years. When I was a child, my grandma used to knit and enjoy spending time with them on an easy chair in the winter to keep them warm and occupied. Now that I work in the modern knitting & Fashion industry, I see the same fascination in my 4-year-old daughter’s eyes when seeing me working.

Keep your knitting yarn organized and tidy with our storage tips and tricks


Knitting is a wonderful hobby that provides relaxation and satisfaction to people of all ages. However, keeping track of all the different colors, textures, and types of yarn can be a real challenge. A disorganized stash can result in wasted time, frustration, and even ruined projects. In this article, we will provide you with tips and tricks to help you keep your knitting yarn organized and tidy.

Assess Your Stash

The first step in organizing your knitting yarn is to assess your stash. Take stock of what you have, including the types of yarn, the colors, and the quantities. Sort them by type, color, and weight, and decide what you want to keep and what you want to donate or give away.

Choose Your Storage Solution

The type of storage solution you choose depends on your personal preferences, the size of your stash, and the space you have available. You can choose from a variety of options, including plastic bins, wire baskets, fabric bags, and even specially designed yarn storage containers.

Label Your Yarn

Once you have chosen your storage solution, label your yarn to make it easy to find what you need. You can use sticky labels, tags, or even a permanent marker to label the type of yarn, the color, and the weight. You can also include the date you purchased it, the price, and the project you plan to use it for.

Keep Your Yarn Clean and Dry

Yarn can attract dust, dirt, and even pests, so it’s important to keep it clean and dry. Store your yarn in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, and avoid exposing it to moisture. You can also use special anti-moth sachets or cedar balls to repel pests and keep your yarn smelling fresh.

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Use Color-Coded Systems

One of the easiest ways to organize your knitting yarn is to use a color-coded system. Assign a different color to each type of yarn, and keep them together in your storage containers. You can also use color-coded tags or labels to identify each type of yarn and make it easy to find what you need.

Store Your Yarn by Weight

Another way to organize your knitting yarn is to store it by weight. This is especially useful if you work with a lot of different yarn weights. Group your yarn by weight and keep them together in separate containers. This makes it easy to find the right weight of yarn for your project.

Use Wall-Mounted Storage Solutions

If you’re short on space, consider using wall-mounted storage solutions for your yarn. You can use pegboards, shelves, or even a specially designed wall-mounted yarn storage unit. This not only saves space but also makes your yarn easily accessible.

Use Transparent Containers

Transparent containers make it easy to see what’s inside without having to open them. This is especially useful if you have a large stash and want to save time. You can also use transparent containers to sort your yarn by color or weight.

yarn organized and tidy

Keep Your Needles and Notions Together

Organizing your yarn is only half the battle. You also need to keep your needles and notions together. Use a separate container for your needles, stitch markers, and other notions, and keep them in the same place as your yarn. This makes it easy to find everything you need for your project.

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Take Inventory Regularly

Finally, take inventory of your stash regularly. This not only helps you keep track of what you have but also makes it easier to plan your next project. It also helps you avoid buying more yarn than you need.


Organizing your knitting yarn can be a challenge, but with the right tips and tricks, you can keep your stash tidy and easy to use. By assessing your stash, choosing a storage solution, labeling your yarn, keeping it clean and dry, using color-coded systems, storing your yarn by weight, using wall-mounted storage solutions, using transparent containers, keeping your needles and notions together, and taking inventory regularly, you can enjoy your knitting projects without the frustration of a disorganized stash.


Can I use any type of storage container for my yarn?

While you can use any type of container for your yarn, it’s best to choose one that is breathable and allows air circulation to prevent moisture buildup.

How often should I take inventory of my yarn stash?

It’s a good idea to take inventory of your stash at least once a year to keep track of what you have and avoid buying more than you need.

What should I do with yarn that I no longer want or need?

Consider donating your unwanted yarn to local charities, knitting groups, or schools. You can also sell it online or give it away to friends and family members who are also knitters.

How can I prevent pests from damaging my yarn?

Use anti-moth sachets or cedar balls to repel pests and keep your yarn smelling fresh. Avoid storing your yarn in damp or humid areas where pests are more likely to thrive.

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Can I store different types of yarn together?

While it’s okay to store different types of yarn together, it’s best to keep them separated by weight or color to make it easier to find what you need for your project.

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